Smart Driving Tips

Somebody Has To Start First, Why Not YOU?

Smart Tips can help you save fuel and safe driving. Also help maintain your calm. “The Best Driver is who uses Least Horn, Clutch and Brake”

  • You should have valid Driving. Licence
  • Always maintain your vehicle as per recommendation. Correct Air Pressure in tyres.
  • Before sitting on Driving seat, have an idea of length [for cornering], width [for narrow space]and height [for any height restriction]of vehicle.
  • Wear Helmet / Seat belt.
  • Adjust seat according to your comfort, Adjust rear view mirrors.
  • Always start/move your vehicle in first gear.
  • Drive the vehicle in moderate speed.
  • Drive your vehicle in appropriate lane.
  • Use low beam head light while driving in city.
  • Stop at Yellow light, don’t keep moving till it turns Red.
  • Put your vehicle’s engine off while standing on Red Signal.
  • Don’t Honk unnecessary – because the person ahead is also going to his/her destination.
  • Don’t exceed your vehicle speed. Two wheeler-35 kmph, Car-60 kmph, Truck-40 kmph.
  • Don’t race the engine unnecessary, specially when vehicle is standing.
  • Don’t put foot on clutch pedal / don’t put hand on clutch lever while driving.
  • Don’t overtake from left side. Don’t drive in wrong side. Don’t drive rash.
  • Do not use mobile phone while driving. It distracts 75-80% of your attention.
  • Never drive after drinking Alcohol. It distracts your attention by 90-95%.
  • Don’t cross the Green zone indicated in your Speedometer and Tachometer.
  • Respect Pedestrians, ‘They Have first right on road’.