Mandatory Signals

These signals are related to road safety and must be followed.
Voilation of these rules indicated by the signals are legal offence.
They are shown in the red circle.  

rule2004 rule2003 rule2006 rule2005
One Way SignNo entry Straight prohibited or Vehicle Prohibited in both directions One Way Sign
rule2008 rule2007 rule2010 rule2009
prohibited All motor vehicles prohibited Tonga prohibited Bullock cart prohibited
rule2012 rule2011 rule2014 rule2013
Cycle prohibited Hand cart prohibited Right turn prohibited Pedestrians prohibited
rule2016 rule2015 rule2017 rule2018
U-turn prohibited Left turn prohibited Horn prohibited Overtaking prohibited
rule2020 rule2019 rule2022 rule2021
Length limit Bullock cart & cart prohibited Load limit Speed limit
rule2024 rule2023 rule2026 rule2025
Width limit Height limit Restriction ends sign Axle load limit
rule2028 rule2027 rule2030 rule2029
No stopping or standing No parking Compulsory keep left Compulsory ahead only
rule2032 rule2031 rule2034 rule2033
Compulsory turn right Compulsory turn left Compulsory turn left ahead Compulsory turn right ahead
rule2036 rule2035 rule2038 rule2037
Compulsory ahead or turn right Compulsory ahead or turn left Compulsory sound horn Compulsory cycle track