Service & Repair

This sector plays very vital role in Automobile Industry. After coming out from factory, your vehicle is maintained and kept running by this important sector. They are the service and repair workshops who take care of your vehicle.

Broadly, we can divide these workshops into three types:

    • Company’s Authorised Dealer – Where a specific brand vehicle is serviced like Maruti, Hyundai, Tata, Bajaj, Yamaha, Escorts, authorised workshops.
    • Multi Brand Workshops – Where vehicle of any brand can be serviced with technical help of leading brand like My TVS, Carnation, Gulf Car, Castrol car and bike point, Bosch car and bike service, Mahindra First choice, etc.
    • Independent Workshops and Garages – Where any vehicle can be serviced by a single owner of workshop on the basis of his/her experience, this is an unorganized type.

The Un accounted ones ‘Road Side Mechanic’ – They are the most unorganized and unsupported mechanics who also contribute in your vehicle service.