The Battery


A battery is an electro chemical device which converts chemical energy into electrical energy.
In simple words a battery can store electrical energy for future use when it is required like at the time of starting the engine. This happens due to reversible chemical reaction, which means that a battery can be charged and discharged for several hundred times. An Alternator is used to charge the battery in vehicle. Therefore Alternator and starter battery must be correctly matched to each other.
The battery also absorbs voltage peaks in the vehicle electrical system so that these do not damage sensitive electronic components.
An automotive battery is of 12 Volts.
Capacity of a Battery is measured in Ampere Hour (AH).
Your Vehicle’s Battery must fulfill following requirement efficiently, a battery should

– have a high service life

– be maintenance free or require low maintenance

– be able to reliably supply high currents to start the engine

– be able to supply lower currents over a longer period of time

– have a high performance at different operating temperatures
Indian auto battery market is about 2500 Crore annually.

Major market players are: